Who is a Gamer?

With gaming’s rise and infiltration into all parts of life, from VR to education, gamers are spreading to be part of most brands' core audience. So who is this audience and why are brands so excited to talk to them? Our Audience averages 31 years old, but ranges between 15-44 and is 55% male and 45% female. But here are some things you didn’t know

Average minutes

That Our Audience spends on gaming websites


Average minutes

That Our Audience spends viewing online video. Dwarfing how much time they spend watching TV


% of gamers

That watch more live streamed content from mobile devices this year compared to last year (compared to 21% of non-gamers)


They are usually early adopters or willing to try new products to see if they will improve their life. This makes them a perfect ambassador for any brands with new products that need to get the word out. They are the go-to person that you ask for purchasing advice. Usually part of 2 different social groups or online communities


Our Audience uses the convenience and speed of online purchasing as part of their daily life. A trust they have built from linking their credit cards to several gaming platforms (Steam, PSN, Xbox Live, EA Access)